Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Management High Performance In

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Management high performance.

In autocratic leadership, the leaders possess total authority over their team (Rao, 2010). Other members of the team are incapacitated to air their views, even when such opinions may benefit the organizations. Most employees discredit this leadership form. As such, it leads to low work force turnover. However, it may be suitable in situations requiring quick decision-making processes. Autocratic leaders tend to be more formal than informal and more centralized.

Democratic/participative leadership model incorporates other team members in their decision-making process. thought the final decision-making process is mandated to the leader (Rao, 2010). This capacitates the employees to make time-to-time suggestions to their leaders for various improvements. Such leaders tend to be more informal than formal and more decentralized.

In the article, ‘Is Autocratic Leadership Relevant today?’ Rao critically examines Autocratic leadership over other leadership forms and its suitability in today’s environment (Rao, 2010). Rao argues that though this form of leadership is practical in fields such as the military, it may be impractical to incorporate it in today’s business environment, where employees call for incorporation in various decision-making processes and act as core partners, since they play a key role in the goal achievement of an organization. Additionally, Rao argues that in case a firm experiences challenges, the leader takes the sole responsibility. Rao also perceives Autocratic leadership to be marred with dissatisfied customers, and the recurrence of absenteeism within an organization (Walker, 2011).

Autocratic leadership also creates a weak workforce, owing to the continued fear of the leader’s directives. Wrong decisions may lead to unprecedented losses, since employees only follow such directives without questioning (Daft, 2014).

Choi’s article attempts to put forward the key differences of

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