Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Fukushima Nuclear Power In Japa

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Fukushima Nuclear power in Japan.

The Japan government decided to close all nuclear power plant projects in Japan so as to prevent repetitions like that of Fukushima in future (Straight). Japan managed to get an alternative source of energy to supply the needs of the country through buying of liquefied natural gas from Russia.

Following the nuclear disaster, many people working in the reactor plus the surrounding environ got exposed. In addition, the environment around the reactor also got contaminated posing considerable risk. In regard to human exposure, a number of children living in the environs of Fukushima became recently discovered to be developing abnormal thyroid lumps (Straight). Exposure to radiation posed a risk of development of poor health outcomes in the given population. The government of Japan in trying to come with the solution to that given problem, food stuffs like exported rice from that region got scrutinized for radiation exposure levels so as to limit the spread of radioactive contaminants to other countries (Straight).

Also, faced with the problem of human exposure, the government somehow managed to have evacuation and resettlement plans in action. With the environ around the Fukushima becoming unsafe due to the high radiation levels, the Japan government opted to resettle individuals that lived around the reactor in another place fit for human settlement. In addition, some of the workforce that worked in the Fukushima nuclear reactor, became not allowed to work in other nuclear reactors following having radiation levels higher than required. Such a means by the government ought to protect humans from overexposure from radiation (Straight).

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the problem of controlling leakage of radiation emanated. Environmental leakage could only be minimized through proper destruction of the nuclear station plus proper disposal of the radioactive substances. The wrecked

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