Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Enterprie Architecture Enterpri

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Enterprie Architecture (Enterprise 2.0 memo).

That means the collective intelligence will help employees find information and reach solutions in a much easier way.

Secondly, it ensures effective flow of information which results in satisfactory decisions in a compliant manner. On the one hand, the opinion of customers and other stakeholders is available and on the other, the need for compliance is analyzed by availing the necessary information. That means, the decisions taken will be compliant with the rules and regulations and, at the same time, free from skepticism from various stakeholders.

In fact, proper communication with stakeholders in the financial sector helps improve company image. As the information regarding various decisions and transactions remain transparent to the stakeholders, they feel increased participation in the decision-making process. As the stakeholders get a chance to express their opinion about various decisions, Enterprise 2.0 becomes the most effective way of communication with stakeholders. Moreover, as each stakeholder gets a chance to know the opinion of many other stakeholders, the company executives will save a lot of time which they usually spend detailing the plans to each and every stakeholder. Also, the ratings provided by the existing consumers will encourage new potential investors as the opinion of the existing consumers is the most influencing factor.

Yet another important point is the need to recruit and train new Gen Y people. It seems that the new recruits will be more inclined towards gathering information from electronic sources rather than printed ones. That means, the company needs to develop such an image where information flow is electronic, transparent, accessible and user-friendly. Such an image will help recruit new people, and once selected, the new recruits will find it easy to get access to information and solution as they remain in touch with peers, policy

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