Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic E Game Should Be Defined As Spo

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic E-game should be defined as sport.

E-Sport is defined as a virtual game played competitively (GMZ). The difference between them comes down to a common factor of physical exertion. According to some E-game critics, any sporting activity that does not have physical exertion does not qualify to be a sport (Benjamin 17).

Over the decades, sporting activities have experienced revolution just like in any other industry. Sports such as golfing, bows and curling have all been classified as sports despite the minimal or absence of physical exertions. E-Games are sports that requires a lot of concentration, skills, and focus just like soccer or any other sport. For instance, Chess is a sport that does not involve any physical movement.

Additionally, E-Game requires strategy that needs mental prowess just like soccer and athletics needs one to be physically fit. These games require. one to practice and learn how opponents play as well as understanding rules of the game. Unlike other sports, there are hundreds of E-Games with different styles and methods of playing. Excelling in these games requires a lot of dedication, training, and perfection. and to remain competitive in these games, one has to practice and train regularly.

In the game like poker card, players participate in their game while sitting down without any physical movement and yet are accepted as sports worldwide (Benjamin 15). In fact, Porker card games is software installed in computers just like the E-Games. There is no significance difference between the E-game and poker card. In rational point of view, the aspect of physical involvement is not the only aspect that should be used to define a game as a sport.

Subjectively, E-Games are perceived as games for the lazy people who prefer sitting down in their couches and playing the games at comfort of their houses. However, the question is. can it be considered as lazy game for a physically impaired person, who cannot

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