Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Describe Your Participation In

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Describe your participation in a community outreach activity.

My role in the outreach program was to find out poor people and to help them get the basic necessities of life. It was a great experience for me to participate in an outreach activity. According to my point of view, community and the families hold the major part of the responsibility to help the poor and deprived people and to provide them with healthcare, judicial, and financial support. This is the reason why I participated in that outreach activity. It was basically a NGO with whom I worked. The aim of our NGO was not only to provide the people with instant financial and medical support but also to arrange small business setups for the deserving and skilled people. We were organized in the form of groups, which searched for the poor and deprived people all over the society. The chief coordinator of the NGO, Mr. Mark James, assigned me the roles to help the poor class financially, to provide them with medical and judicial support, and to meet educational and psychological needs of the poor people living in the society.

It was great experience for me as it not only helped the poor class belonging to my society but also made me aware of the emotional and psychological needs of the poor people. Today, I feel a complete change in my personality. I love to help the deprived and unprivileged people. I want to make them enjoy life as all other people do. It is due to my participation in that outreach activity that, today, I think about others before thinking about myself in anything I do or wish to do.

Apart from all positive aspects and beneficial outcomes of the outreach program, I think that the program needs some improvements in the planning phase. I would recommend a couple of changes in the program. First, the services should not be limited to the people living in our society. rather they should be expanded to poor relatives of our people living in other parts of the world. In this way, more people

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