Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Changing The Scene Of The Socie

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Changing the Scene of the Society.

The consequences of the cultural practice are that women will remain in their current position if they do not get empowered and strive to get equal positions with men. The consequence of the strife to be equal with men is that the female gender will be endangered. With the current trend where women strive to be equal with men, the role of the woman will be erased. Women are required to be submissive and do tasks that are considered to be feminine. This is no longer the case as women are now striving to do tasks that have been a preserve of only men. This is changing the scene of the society. There is a new definition of the terms female and male.

&nbsp.The definition of women is changing and no longer based on the biological differences. This is because of education and financial empowerment. Women have been known to be gentle in their undertakings and less aggressive when compared with men. This is changing and women are now seen to be aggressive and taking challenges that are considered manly. The struggle for many American women to be equal to men has been evident. Although women are fragile, they are seen to want to fight for battles that are fit for men. The woman gender is fast changing and is being erased by the struggle to gain equality. Women are now working and men are the ones being left at home to take care of domestic affairs. This is the norm as the career woman strives to achieve her ambitions. They no longer value the family values that have been sought and valued from time immemorial.

&nbsp.There are relationships that exist between Beauvoir’s truths and those of the readings that we had in class.

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