Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Basic Statistics A Negative Cor

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Basic Statistics.

A negative correlation implies that the likelihood of depression reduces with an increase in age. A positive correlation would have been indicated by straight line implying that as a person ages there is an increase in the likelihood of individuals being depressed according to the data provided in book 5 (Weiss, 2006). In essence, an analysis of the data using SYSTAT implies that there is no significant correlation between age and depression. Age should therefore not be a factor when predicting the likelihood of an individual becoming depressed. Therefore, one can conclude that biological factors related to ageing do not affect the capacity of individuals to deal effectively and healthily with depression. In fact, the weak correlation implies that as one gets older perhaps due to experience and hardening they become less prone to depression.

Analysis using SYSTAT indicates that the correlation between work and depression work and depression is actually -0.113. A correlation with a figure less that 1 indicates that there is no correlation between the two variables or the correlation could be very weak to be of any statistical significance. In this case one can comfortably conclude that there is no significant relationship between work and depression. The independent variable in this case was work and the dependent variable was depression. The correlation value in this case assumes a negative integer. The positive integer implies that there is a negative correlation between work and depression according to the data provided in book 5 (Weiss, 2006). This implies that if the value of the integer was 1 then it would have been expected that the people without work were more likely to be depressed that the people who were working. In essence, the data may be implying that although work is not a significant determinant with regard to the prevalence of depression according to the data, it

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