Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Applying A Psychology Concept T

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Applying a psychology concept to a media piece (Anger: An emotional illness).

“Scrubs” is arguably one of the best medical comedies TV show. The cast follows the lives of medical nurses and physicians in the fictional Sacred Heart teaching hospital. The series manifests many divergent emotions through the different characters. Emotions of love, happiness, anger, ecstasy, and betrayal flow in the cast. The lives of the nurses and their interactions with the patients are a source of soft and caring emotions. John C. McGinley is the main character of the show and manifests distinct emotions in the course of his life in the Sacred Heart teaching hospital. However, anger that is an emotional illness supersedes the other emotions. Indeed, John C. McGinley mainly talks about his life from voice-over, is conspicuously angry, and demonstrates that emotional perspective. His anger emanates from the miserable life that the hospitals janitor accords him. The overwhelming content of duty, the number of patients, and the tight schedule also contributes to his anger. He is also derives his anger from an initial breakup by Elliot who goes end and engages Paul, a nurse in the same hospital. After convincing Eliot to break up with her boyfriend for him, John C. McGinley quickly breaks up with Elliot and impregnates Kim, another nurse. This scenario angers Elliot who goes end to date John C. McGinley brother to the disguise of John C. McGinley. However, after sometime they came to realize that they still harbor feelings for one another, and decided to marry. However, maybe the janitor always made a fool of John C. McGinley that angered him most. Their rivalry went to the brims when Janitor destroyed John C. McGinley scooter and kidnapped him for a day. John C. McGinley loathed out his emotions yelling in anger. He is fantastical, physically and socially awkward in most of the scenes. Indeed, Scrubs display real life happenings in hospitals, their emotions, fun, mistakes, and the reality of the nursing

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