Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Academic Elemtn All Through My

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Academic elemtn.

All through my career and life, I have given the utmost care in doing the right things and preferring the best choices which convince me to lead my way to the ultimate success I am looking for. Therefore, I understand my present decision to join the University of Washington Seattle for my Bachelor Degree as the most recent example of my career choices which had strong reasons behind. As the daughter of an entrepreneur who has a long passion to continue the business and good works of her father and as a goal-oriented student with utmost focus and desire to succeed in the career contest through the special gifts and attitudes in Business, my choice of the Bachelor Degree in Business is justified. Similarly, my choice of the University of Washington Seattle which has a long and excellent reputation in business degree can best be appreciated and I have friends in Wisconsin to support my endeavors. I am aware that business is a challenging field that has many obstacles to deal with and, as a person who loves the strangest and most difficult challenges in life, I strongly desire to study business. This is my goal and desire – to be a business woman of the future, and I am ready to dedicate myself for its cause. &nbsp.

As an academic student of the day, I have strong desire to achieve the most convincing goals of my career and I strongly feel that business finance, which is my interested area, can provide me with the best means for success in career. Presently I am a Major in Business at community college and my desire for the Bachelor Degree in the same area led me to this reputed university. I wish to develop my skill and ability to deal with different business issues along with formally achieving the Business degree so that I can be effective as an entrepreneur when I succeed my father in his business. I am a person who loves basketball, dancing etc and I understand myself as an easy going person who

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