Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Essay On The Topic Aston Martin Brand Audit Moreo

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic ASTON MARTIN BRAND AUDIT.

Moreover, the company holds various elements, which constitute its success factor in the highly competitive automobile industry. Such strengths define the resilience of the grand logo of the company, despite the weathering challenges in the markets.

The founders of the corporation were Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, both of United Kingdom. However, over the years, it changed ownership with various parties buying shares in the company including the Ford brand among others. Today, the leading individual shareholders and owners are David Richards and Baimler AG (Dowsey, 2010). The other shareholders are companies with shares in Aston Martin.

Aston Martin is a company whose existence now spans 100 years of operation. The company was established in 1914 and has been operating since its institution (Dowsey, 2010). Further, this forms a heritage factor for the company, which makes it a preferable choice for many of its consumers.

Aston Martin is an automobile company whose operations focus solely on the manufacturing of vehicles and wares of vehicles. The company products feature in the motorsport industry, as well as, the personal car industry. The company also factors the production of cars for luxury purposes, a leading service that it facilitates to its consumers (Dowsey, 2013). The operational elements of its products and services entail the highly competitive automobile industry, where the company products feature as leading operator and identifiable market share leader.

The company Aston Martin has its base in the UK market. The head office operations are in the UK. However, it also features its operations in other sections such as America and Asia. The notable market leader in the UK has its products across the globe. hence, its scope is global (Dowsey, 2013). The company utilizes its networking ability to venture into markets across the continent accordingly, incorporating its strategic marketing features and management

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