Hi Need To Submit A 2750 Words Essay On The Topic Cultural Tourism In Qub Downlo

Hi, need to submit a 2750 words essay on the topic Cultural Tourism in QUB.

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This essay stresses that cultural tourism takes place both in urban and rural areas. Most urban destinations are especially cities with long histories preserved in buildings, museaums and theatres. Tourism in rural areas mostly showcases the traditions of indigenous communities including festivals, rituals, beliefs, value systems and lifestyle in general. Queens University Belfast is has a well-established network comprising students, staff, alumni and other interested parties. This network thrives on the basis of a well-established continuous interaction system. This network constitutes a significant equity that makes it not just an institution but also a well-known brand throughout the UK and internationally. This equity is further enhanced by the buildings and general environment of the university that is attractive both to visitors and potential students.

This paper makes a conclusion that Queens University Belfast has so far done a good job in promoting itself as a brand equity for cultural tourism. With improvements, especially on formal advertising, it can create a stronger brand which will work even better for it. Though such an effort must not be taken at cross purposes with its academic programs, it is still necessary to build a stronger brand. The university itself is so strategically located that such an effort wiuld be of great benefit to it. So what they have done so far is commendable, but there is indeed room for improvement.

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