Hi Need To Submit A 2500 Words Essay On The Topic What Is Meant By A Failing Sta

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic What is meant by a Failing State, main causes of it and what may be done to help states that are failing.

As this occurs, nations and groups become threatened by the environmental actions and may response negatively. The link between climate change and threats to global security become pertinent in understanding the complexities that are arising from both the environmental concerns and the political affiliations and actions in response.

The concept of climate change is developed on the theory that there is an alteration in the system of the earth. Increasing temperatures, changes in resources and natural disasters are all pointing to the definition of climate change. This was specifically announced by the politician Al Gore, with his announcement of the threat of global warming. The theory which was presented was one that was based on the environmental changes leading to destruction of the earth. The destruction was compounded specifically because of pollution, destruction of natural resources and the impact of the environment on different countries. The combination of these environmental factors led to scientists finding different understanding with environmental impact while developing specific risks in regards to climate change. Environmentalists began to demand that natural resources be used in a different way. As this increased, were also opposing groups that found the changes in use of resources created a sense of risk, specifically in terms of politics, economics, social and cultural demands (Stern, 7: 2006).

The impact of global warming and the current shift to climate change has created specific political responses, specifically which is related to economics and the need to monitor resources at a global level. The introduction of climate change led to interference from political organizations in regards to taking action, including the UN and the intergovernmental panel. The concepts which each of these governmental structures have carried are to show

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