Hi Need To Submit A 2500 Words Essay On The Topic Applying Tactics Actions And C

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic Applying Tactics, Actions and Control planning system on Chicken Cottage restaurent.

They wanted to create a logo which can be memorable for all and also create brand recognition for the company in the mind of the customers. The company was been founded by Mohammad Khalid. It has 115 outlets in UK and outlets in the other countries like Dubai, France, South Africa, Libya, Algeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and Sweden. It is also planning to expand its business in other parts of world in certain other countries like Canada, china, Australia and India.

In this report the Tactics, Action and Control strategies of the company will be seen which has helped the company to grow in such a huge manner and achieve such good amount of success in such a loess time and the way they are helping the company to achieve its goal. The main goal that the company has set up is to become the leading local fast food restaurant in UK.

Chicken Cottage restaurant since the time of starting in 1994 has kept on growing at a constant rate. The company has made serious attempts to expand the business operations and take it to a higher level. The company has been able to open 115 outlets in the whole country and get a good visibility among the customers (Chicken Cottage, 2014). It has also been able to create a good brand image in the mind of the customers. But because of the presence of huge number of competitors present in the fast food restaurant industry in the UK market it has been a tough journey for the company and it has not been able to get the position of the market leader capturing maximum market. To help the company in increasing their market share SOSTAC model is been used to analyze. Among all the 6 factors which are situation, control, action, tactics, strategy and objectives the main three factors that are been used in this case are the Tactics, Action and Control.

In this section the objectives and the goals of the company is been seen and based

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