Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Why Is Charlemagne Considered T

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Why is Charlemagne considered to be the Imperial Father of Europe.

He implemented the livre caroliniene standard based upon a pound of silver as the currency of his region. As an economic innovator, he also lay the groundwork for standard accounting practices and computations used for record keeping. Such great accomplishments for a man who was known to many as being uneducated.

Though not formally educated himself, the man had a thirst for knowledge and learning. Which is why his reign gave particular importance to growing the academic successes of his people. He is credited with having ushered in the Carolingian Renaissance era that is embodied by the continuous growth of scholarships, literature, and art during his reign. Allowing for a free exchange of knowledge and experience between the countries of his conquering that increased the number of schools and book copying centers in France.

Though he worked hard to establish the stability of his empire on both the political and religious front, Charlemagnes attempts to find the perfect balance between the relationship of Church and State was a tenuous one as his reign was based upon the loyalty, efficiency, and support, of his subjects. Religious pressures aside, he still managed to implement what he felt were important political reforms in the realm for the benefit of his subjects.

Such were the documented accomplishments of Charlemagne throughout his life that it is easy to see how he could easily have come to be known as the “Imperial Father” of Europe even if the Roman Catholic church had not bestowed the same title upon him in an apparent political move meant to give the church the upper hand when it came to empire

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