Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Watch Video Answer Question Onc

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Watch video, answer question.

Once humans possessed the fertile places, they opted to settle at the expense of nomadic life. According to Guilaine, the hunter-gatherers had to fight to defend the territories that had plenty of fish, animals, and plants (Treetrunks). The defending of the territory depicted signs of sedentary life. Competition for the best territories sparked fights. Similarly, Bar-Yosef points out the restriction of movement, especially in Asia prompted humans to adopt a sedentary life.

The Fertile Crescent influenced humans to adopt a sedentary life because of its fertility. Notably, the strip was fertile and barley, as well as, wheat grew naturally (Treetrunks). The nomadic hunter-gatherers realized the place offered a permanent settlement, and thus decided to settle. Evidently, the presence of the stonewalled huts indicated that people had opted to live in the Fertile Crescent and start domesticating crops and animals. Hence, the strip was habitable, and supported the construction of permanent residences. Villages started to grow, and humans adopted sedentary life.

The first villages comprised of the hunter-gatherers who had advanced skills. Guilaine argues that people living in the first villages demonstrated a shift in thinking and spirited desire to embrace change (Treetrunks). In effect, the high intellectual capacities compelled the people to change their way of life. The villages are important because historians contend that they were the hubs of agriculture after the discovery of seeds. Agriculture promoted sedentary life, and the villages planted barley and wheat as sources of food. Bar-Yosef argues that the villagers exploited the wheat and barley and developed techniques for making bread (Treetrunks). Hence, the first villages were significant in promoting the domestication of

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