Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Virtual Team Trust Is A Very Cr

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Virtual team.

Trust is a very crucial thing in a virtual team, which can reduce uncertainty to the global and technologically based environment.

The theory of media richness and social presence questions the possibility of development of relationships and trust among members in a group (Duarte and Synder 30). The same theory asserts that use of computers to communicate may eliminate important types of communication people could use to convey trust, warmth, attentiveness, and other interpersonal affections. However, other studies have shown that communication is not a function of the characteristics of the media, but a function of context, setting, and timing. Therefore, we can view the aspects of context, setting, and timing in any theory that is attempting to argue that virtual teams cannot work in the present global society.

A better way of looking at the problem of trust and relationships in virtual teams is considering communication behaviors. Communication among the members should be timed and be within the subject of concern. Also of paramount importance is commitment to communication, as regular communication produces socialization, courtship and social identification (Lipnack and Stamps 35).

In conclusion, for virtual teams to succeed there are important steps to follow. These include holding a face-to-face meeting in the beginning, establishing clear codes of conduct for behavior, recognizing and rewarding for performers and every member realizing that most communications may be non-verbal so that they can be careful how they communicate (Duarte and Synder 20).

A virtual team refers to a group of people who though separated by distance and/or space still work together towards a common goal by communicating using electronic means or by holding face-to-face meetings occasionally (Lipnack and Stamps Jeffrey 83). Virtual teams come because of reasons such as members not being

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