Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Differentiate Between The Activ

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Differentiate between the activity-passivity model, the guidance cooperation model, and the mutual participation model.

sivity model, the patient is helpless and passive, usually through severe illness or shock, and the practitioner steps in to effect some kind of treatment. This is essential in cases of emergency, but it is not practical, nor effective, in a situation where the patient is sentient and able to express an opinion on what is happening. The guidance co-operation model involves the patient more, under the leadership of the practitioner, who generally knows more about the illness, and is respected by the patient. This is the traditional view of medicine in the western world and tends to be popular with most patients (Vertinsky et al. 1974, p. 133). The third model of practitioner/patient relationship is the mutual cooperation model. This is now viewed as the best model, especially in chronic conditions which require the patient to assist in administering drugs, monitoring symptoms, carrying our exercises, etc. In this case the patient develops knowledge appropriate to his or her own case, and a partnership between patient and practitioner is built up, so that the patient only needs to consult the practitioner occasionally, and takes considerable responsibility for day to day medications and treatments. This model makes good use of scarce resources and gives the patient more control over what is

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