Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Decolonization This Implies Tha

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Decolonization.

This implies that the colonizers were starting to view colonialism as a negative aspect because it led to violence and destruction of economies within the occupied countries. This is because the colonizers were after the raw materials and the riches in the colonies. In addition, the imperial nations could not make sacrifices that were mostly characterized with war in order to maintain colonies. In other instances, decolonization took place because the imperial nations had lost their military prestige, which was mostly lost during wars that the imperials lost. Moreover, there was increased need to liberate people in order to allow them to establish self-rule although this was accompanied by double crosses and bad deals as the colonizing nations attempted to continue holding the countries as colonies. The people themselves also wanted to acquire self-rule that could only be established if decolonization occurred first. These nations fought forcing the imperial nations to pull back. These reasons among others led to decolonization. We show concern with the issue of decolonization because of one key reason. This is the historical perspective. Here, people can only understand why today’s world is as it is because of learning what happened in the past. Acquiring perspective on the previous occurrences as well as the effects of colonization helps the modern generations to comprehend why today’s world functions in the way it does as well as understand the beginning of modern relationships between nations.

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