Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Collaborative Health Lifelong

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Collaborative Health- LIfelong Learning.

They include conferences, meetings, courses, in-service training and rounds. These education methods use didactic methods which are effective at imparting new knowledge.

Continuous lifelong learning is important for a number of reasons. First, it contributes towards a great conversation. It is great to have a conversation with someone who is informed on events. Lifelong learners are better at holding their own conversations. They usually have more interesting topics and things to talk about (Alson, 2013).

Secondly, the world is dynamic and keeps changing. Lifelong learning is important to keep up with the changing demands of the world. Moreover, lifelong learning is essential to enable one develop their abilities (Alson, 2013). Every individual is born with natural abilities and talents but it does not mean that they master these talents the first time they try them. Lifelong learning helps develop these skills thus serving as a role in promoting personal development.

Finally, lifelong learning helps in opening one’s mind. One can see an issue in a broader perspective due to his or her education. Watching television, reading, as well as holding conversations helps educate people about other points of view. It may change one’s mind or may not but helps understand that there is more than one side to every issue (Alson, 2013).

In conclusion, the importance of lifelong learning should be an aim for all health professionals. It can help them in various ways including personal development, enhancing their inclusion in the society and enabling them to adapt to the changing demands of the world. Continuing education stakeholders need to understand, value, and support contemporary principles of lifelong

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