Help with access assignment . building tables in access

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 In Access, create two tables with the following information.  

The first table is going to store information about types of cars, so name it something like “CarType” In that table, add the following:  

Field Name                          Field Type

Model (key)                         Short Text  

Make                                       Short Text(Look up Wizard would be better)

HorsePower                       Number  

MPG                                        Number   

Driver Type                         Look up Wizard that includes FWD,RWD AND 4WD 

The second table will be used for individual inventory, so you can call it “Inventory” This table should include the following:

Field Name                Field Type     

ID (key)                        Autonumber

Model                           Lookup Wizard using the model column from the CarType table

Color                             Lookup Wizard

Mileage                        Number 

Price                              Currency

Automatic Trans    Yes/No

Sold                                Yes/No

Extras                            Long Text

   Once you have setup your two tables, add at least 5 records to the CarType table.  Then add at least 20 records to the Inventory table.

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