Gestell and bestand | Philosophy homework help

Instructions: Your response must be 1000 words in length, printed, double

spaced, and written in a standard 12 point font. A legitimate citation style

is required, preferably Chicago or MLA. A Works Cited page is also

required. The necessary bibliographic information is attached to each


Do not include a separate title page.

In addition to the readings assigned for this week, at least one

credible source (not already listed on the syllabus) is required to support

your argument and expand your ideas. Such a source can include

academic journals, newspapers, magazines, and books, as well as articles

posted on trustworthy websites. Wikipedia is useful, but does not count as

a credible source, neither does an online dictionary or its equivalent.

When writing, it’s a good idea to be as specific as possible; don’t make

generalizations. If you can, refer to and explore an original example in

which these issues are relevant:

What is Gestell? What is Bestand? What is the relationship

between Gestell and Bestand?

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