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Exp19 PowerPoint AppCapstone Intro STEM

PowerPoint Introductory Capstone – STEM 


Project Description:

As a member of the local school district’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) committee, you have been asked to create a presentation on STEM education to be used to build interest in expanding the STEM curriculum with the local school district and to seek funding from local business owners and taxpayers. You began a presentation and now need to add the content to the presentation.


Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named Exp19_PPT_AppCapstone_Stem.pptx. Grader has automatically added your last   name to the beginning of the filename. Download and extract the zip file   named Exp19_PPT_AppCapstone_Stem_Assets.zip.   


Change the theme   colors to Aspect.



Change the theme   fonts to Gill Sans MT.


On Slide 8, insert   the Microscope.jpg in the left   placeholder. Apply the Metal Oval
  picture style. Change the Picture Border fill to Dark Gray, Background 2,   Lighter 10%.


On Slide 10 in the   left content placeholder, insert the ElementarySchool.jpg   image. In the right content placeholder, insert the ElementarySchool2.jpg image.

  Apply the Simple Frame, White picture style to both images. Change the   Picture Border fill for both images to Dark Gray, Background 2, Lighter 10%.


On Slide 11 insert   the MiddleSchool.jpg image. Make   the following changes to
  the inserted image:
  • Crop the left side of the image so that most of the white area is removed.
  • Change the Shape Height of the image to 5.2“.
  • Apply the Simple Frame, White picture style.
  • Change the Picture Border to Dark Gray, Background 2, Lighter 10%.
  • Set the Horizontal position of the image to 3.6” and the   Vertical position to 1.9“.


On Slide 12 insert   the HSVideo.mp4 video file. Make   the following changes to the
  • Apply the Simple Frame, White video style.
  • Change the Video Border to Dark Gray, Background 2, Lighter 10%.
  • Set the video to start Automatically.


On Slide 4 insert the   image WorldMap.jpg as a background   image on the slide. Change the transparency to 40%.


On Slide 2 insert a   Picture Caption List SmartArt graphic.

  Add the following to the SmartArt graphic:
  • Type Science in the first bullet point in the Text pane and then insert Science.jpg as the image
  • Type Technology in the second bullet point and   add then insert the Technology.jpg   image.
  • Type Engineering in the third bullet point and add the image Engineering.jpg.
  • Type Math as the fourth bullet point and add the image Math.jpg.

  Apply the Intense Effect SmartArt Style to the SmartArt graphic.


On Slide 6 convert   the bulleted list to a Lined List SmartArt graphic and change the
  colors to Colorful–Accent Colors.


On Slide 3 apply the   Gradient Fill: Dark Purple, Accent color 5, Reflection WordArt style to the   text Why Stem?

  Make the following changes to the WordArt:
  • Increase the font size to 96 pt.
  • Change the Text Fill to Orange, Accent 1.
  • Apply the Wave Up text effect in the Transform gallery (Mac users: Apply   the Wave 2 text effect in the Transform gallery).
  • Change the Shape Height to 2.8“.


On Slide 4, insert an   Oval shape on the slide.

  Make the following changes to the Oval shape:
  • Change the Shape Height to 3.9” and the Shape Width to   3.9“.
  • Type 40th in Mathematics in the shape, change the font   color to Black, Background 1, and increase the font size to 36   pt.
  • Change the Shape Fill to White, Text 1 and the Shape Outline to No Outline.
  • Change the Transparency to 36%.
  • Set the Horizontal position of the shape to 2” and the Vertical position   to 2.5“.


Make a copy of the   formatted oval shape and paste on the slide. Set the Horizontal position of
  the new shape to 7” and the Vertical position   to 2.5“. Highlight the text in the shape, and type
25th in Science.


On Slide 9 insert a   table with 2 columns and 6 rows. In the table, merge the following:
  Column 1 – Merge the cells in rows 1 and 2
  Column 1 – Merge the cells in rows 3 and 4
  Column 1 – Merge the cells in rows 5 and 6 


Make the following   changes to the table structure:
  • Apply the No Style, Table Grid table style.
  • Change the width of the first column to 2.8“.
  • Change the width of the second column to to 8.2“.


Type the following   information into the table:
  Row 1: Col 1: Elementary School; Col 2: Focuses   on introductory STEM courses and awareness of STEM occupations
  Row 2: Col 2: Provides structured inquiry-based and real-world   problem-based learning, connecting all four of the STEM subjects
  Row 3: Col 1: Middle School; Col 2: Courses   become more rigorous and challenging
  Row 4: Col 2: Student exploration of STEM-related careers begins at   this level
  Row 5: Col 1: High School; Col 2: Focuses   on the application of the subjects in a challenging and rigorous manner
  Row 6: Col 2: Courses and pathways are now available in STEM fields   and occupations



Set the height of the   table to 4.8“. Apply Center and Center Vertically   alignments to the first column of the table. Apply Center Vertically to the   second column of the table. 


In the table, apply the   following shading:
  •Red, Accent 2 to the cell with the text Elementary   School
  •Orange, Accent 1 to the cell with the text Middle School
  •Dark Blue, Accent 3 to the cell with the text High School


On Slide 5 insert a   Clustered Column chart. Replace the spreadsheet information with
  the following information: Leaving cell A1 blank, type Percentage in cell B1. Populate   cells A2:B7 with the following:

All Occupations 14%
Mathematics 16%
Computer Systems Analysts 22%
Systems Software Developers 32%
Medical Scientists 36%
Biomedical Engineers 62%
  Change the source data to use the range A1:B7.


Make the following   changes to the chart:
  • Remove the chart title, gridlines, legend, and vertical axis.
  • Increase the font size of the x-axis (horizontal) to 16 pt.
  • Add Outside End data labels and change the font size to 18 pt.


Click Slide 13 and   use the Reuse Slides option to insert Slides 2–5 from Careers.pptx. Keep the source formatting of the original slides   (inserted slides).


Start Excel. Open the   downloaded file named StemData.xlsx   and save it as StemData_LastFirst.xlsx. Copy the chart from   the HarrisData worksheet and embed the chart using Paste Special on Slide 13.

  Change the Shape Height to 4.8“. Set the Horizontal   position to 1.4” and the Vertical position
  to 1.9″.


On Slide 1 select the   blue circle shape, press SHIFT, and then select the inserted icon. Group the   shapes. Repeat for the three remaining shapes on the first slide to group   each of the circle shapes with their associated icons.



On Slide 5 apply the Fly   In animation (Entrance category) to the chart. Set the Effect Options   Sequence to By Element in Category. Set the animation to start After   Previous. 


Delete Slide 7. Add   slide numbers to all slides with the exception of the first slide. Apply the   Split transition to all slides.


On Slide 1 type Welcome   to our presentation on STEM education. (including the
  period) as a speaker note.


Check the   presentation for spelling errors, and correct any errors.


Save and close Exp19_PPT_AppCapstone_Intro_STEM.pptx.   Submit the file as directed.

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