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Primary Document Paper (7-8 pgs.) 20%

For this paper you will compare and analyze the different primary documents available on MOODLE.  This assignment has (3) three objectives:

 (1) Students must summarize all the documents (Summary) 20%

(2) Students must describe how they are different. (Analysis) 30%

(3) Students will need to argue which was the most “effective” for its period.  (Argument) 50%

You must summarize all the documents/arguments and describe how they are similar and different (approximately 5pgs of the essay).  In addition, you will need to argue which was the most effective argument (approximately 3 pages of the essay).  You should present your findings in an essay/narrative format (use paper specs and layout below).

You should avoid “first person” I, and impersonal reference such as you, we, and us. This is not a research paper you do not need any other sources besides the ones provided. I will not accept late papers or papers via e-mail.  

All written assignments and exams should follow the rules of standard grammar, spelling punctuation and citation (MLA or Chicago), 12, font, and double spaced.  Although this is a history class, not an English class, learning to write fluently and coherently is an important part of your college education and will provide you with transferable skills you can use in the workplace after graduation.  In preparation for the course exams and essays, we will address writing skills as part of a lecture. Failure to follow these instructions may lower your grade assignment grade ½ a full grade.

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