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Here is exsamle

Here is a B+ Sample Response (It would have been an A if it had used the readings to support the feedback!): i think you got chapter 16

To learn more about effective peer reviewing, see Chapter 16 of The Kaplan Guide to Successful Writing.


I think it is a fascinating subject you’ve chosen to focus on here, Sean.  I felt that your information on the varying cultures was important, though a bit unbalanced.  I would have loved to see separate slides on each of the cultures in that slide where you summarized them all (I think it was the third to last slide, slide nine I think).  That seemed a little rushed compared to the other examples.  Another thing I noticed, and this may undercut the way you are attempting to approach your audience, is that your clip art images tend to lower the tone.  The one with the picture of the bear I felt was most professional, the others tended towards simplicity.  What were your reasons for choosing those specific pictures rather than others?


Other than that, I felt that the breadth of your research was very solid.  I loved seeing that you had turn of the century sources there!  I felt that perhaps your point about Juniper being a tool rather than an object of veneration was well stated on the last page, but perhaps you could have it on that first page too?  Just a thought!  Otherwise, I think this is an info packed presentation.  Why did you think it needed so much in it, rather than just the plain overview?

 ok this is the person we will respond to

Hello Class,

My big idea is the creation of a non-profit organizationt to assist single parents with affordable childcare. I have created powerpoint slides as a presentation to my audience at a local community center.

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