Does the intake form ask all of the necessary questions to determine


Find a mental health multidimensional intake form on the internet.

Note. If you have questions, email your instructor as soon as possible for assistance. You may also use an intake form from a job or internship if available.

Answer the following with each question being its own section:

  1. Does the intake form ask all of the necessary questions to determine the client’s presenting problem? Support your answer.
  2. Are there too many or too few questions? Why or why not?
  3. Is the reading level of the questions appropriate for the clients? Explain your answer.
  4. Are the intake forms available in an appropriate language for the population the agency serves?
  5. Is there enough space to write what is needed in each answer space? Justify your response.
  6. Should the intake be re-formatted so it is easier to read? Justify your response.
  7. Consider the form as a whole: What would you add to the form? What would you remove from the form? Why?
  8. Would you change the order/re-organize? Why?

Include a copy of the blank intake form you chose for this assignment.

 I just want to state from the beginning that you will have to follow the instructions and complete all the requirements as listed. 

This is the last thing I want you to consider before writing the paper: The purpose of this assignment is to critically think through the components of an appropriate and beneficial intake assessment. Students will thoughtfully consider the areas that need to be addressed, ideal length, cultural considerations, cognitive considerations, and logistics of the form.

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