Dispositions | Education homework help

The SCRIP Dispositions are designed for personal reflection and evaluation as it relates to the
areas of social responsibility, commitment, reflective practice, integrity, and professionalism.  
These dispositions are essential for an educator and even more so for a Christian educator.  
These reflections take the sum of what a student has learned applied in a personal evaluative
Complete the SCRIP Dispositions Template as indicated.  For each disposition, write 2
sentences. The first sentence should describe how you displayed the disposition in this course.
The second sentence should describe how you have exhibited this disposition in other settings
outside of class, such as church, community, family, or work. (There are 5 dispositions for which
you will write 2 sentences each; that will be a total of 10 sentences for the entire assignment.) 


Book Used: 

Gutek, G. (2014). Philosophical, Ideological, and Theoretical perspectives on Education (2 ed.) Pearson. ISBN: 9780132852388.

Liberty University Custom: Slavin, R. E., & Schunk, D.H. (2021). Learning Theories. (3rd ed.). Pearson. ISBN: 9780136956334.

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