Discussion board 8 | biomedical ethics | Indiana State University

 This discussion board forum will focus on Chapter 8 of the textbook, International Collaboration for Global Public Health, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Fact Sheet, Tiffani DeMarco’s TED talk, Genetic Counselors, and Genetic Testing: Past Present and Future, and the Believed podcast, For One Nassar Survivor, Recognizing Her Own Abuse Took Decades – And 2 Key Moments

 Genetic Counselors and Genetic Testing: Past, Present, and Future; with Tiffani DeMarco, MS, CGC | Cancer.Net 

 For One Nassar Survivor, Recognizing Her Own Abuse Took Decades — And 2 Key Moments : Believed : NPR 

Please also see attached.

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