Cybercrimes and cryptographic attacks | Computer Science homework help


1.This week students will look at some of the  different cybercrimes, how to develop a security policy and various security and privacy regulations

Identify various cybercrimes

  • Explain various regulations on minimizing cybercrimes

Read textbook chapter 4

Ajayi, E. F. G. (2016). Review Challenges to enforcement of cyber-crimes laws and policy. Journal of Internet and Information Systems, 6(1), 1-12.10.5897/JIIS2015.0089

2. students will examine some of the different types of cryptographic attacks such as those on social media platforms.

  • Identify different Cryptographic Attacks
  • Explain how attacks on social networks work

Read: Textbook: Chapters 7 and 8

Franchi, Enrico & Poggi, Agostino & Tomaiuolo, Michele. (2017). Information and Password Attacks on Social Networks: An Argument for Cryptography. Journal of Information Technology Research, 8. 25-42. 10.4018/JITR.2015010103

Tabari, A. Z., & Ou, X. (2020). A First Step Towards Understanding Real-world Attacks on IoT Devices. There is a link to the PDF of this article in the right column of this record under Download.

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