Create digital strategy for personal brand or company brand


1) Read the following blogs:

2) Read Chapters 5-11 in Scott’s book.

3) Analyze your own personal brand online, as it is today, on all platforms where you have a digital presence. Using each platform’s analytics, identify levels of engagement of your followers, overall sentiment, and brand image in general. Based on the recommendations provided by David Scott, create a digital communication strategy to strengthen your own brand in the next 1-5 years.

NOTE: if you don’t have a social media presence ( a personal brand), then it is OK to choose a brand/business/company for this assignment.

Recommendations on how to approach this assignment- however you can format it anyway you want.

  • Social media audit.
    1. Clean your browser
    2. Google your name
    3. Review your profile on all social media platforms.
    4. Define/ analyze your profile.
    5. Write SWOT analysis of your own profile.
  • Define your business goals, as a professional.
  • Set your communication objectives (how to strengthen your weaknesses and vulnerabilities (threats) obtained in your SWOT). What do you plan to achieve in the short term ( 12 months) and long-term ( 3-5 years) ( use these verbs: Persuade, Inform, Reach and Engage) ?
  • Define your overall social media strategy: What social media platform (s) would you prioritize and why.
  • Define your tactics/ channels/ execution.
  • List measurements of success.  

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