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7.3 Managing your time 159 Time Activity Effectiveness Comments/Improvements 7.00–8.00 Get ready for university 50% Could probably do this in 30 minutes but I’m always tired 8.00–8.30 Walk to campus 80% Could get the bus but I need the exercise 8.30–9.00 Meet friends in canteen 10% Need to socialise 9.00–10.00 Lecture 70% Quite good today! 10.00–10.15 Coffee break 10% I need a break 10.15–12.00 Tutorial/seminar 50% Could have done this in half the time 12.00–1.30 Lunch – students’ union 20% Far too long but I need to eat 1.30–2.00 Library hunting for books 40% Couldn’t use the computer 2.00–2.30 Meeting with project supervisor 80% Useful 2.30–3.00 Coffee with friends 20% I need to socialise 3.00–4.00 Library hunting for books 20% Not finding what I wanted and getting distracted 4.00–4.30 30 minutes on assignment 30% Wasted time getting started – should spend longer on this 4.30–5.00 Walk home 80% As before 5.00–5.30 Have a coffee 0% No comment 5.30–6.00 Watch TV 0% No comment 6.00–7.00 Get tea 50% I need to eat 7.00–8.00 Work on assignment 90% Get a lot done 8.00–11.00 Go to pub 40% I need to socialise but should have done more work first 11.00–1.00 Work on project then go to bed 50% Too tired to achieve much – must tackle this kind of thing earlier in the day Table 7.2 A ‘typical’ student’s daily time log

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