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Imagine that you are looking to purchase a new personal computer.  If you were buying a car, you would surely have to identify the features and options you seek.  With computers today, the choices are almost endless, so you must understand what is available vs. what you need/want.

Start with a given budget in mind.  You always have to begin by narrowing down your desired requirements, including how much you have to spend. Our desires and pocketbook are sometimes at odds.

Considerations include:

Desktop or laptop? Why exactly would you select either (pro’s/con’s of each).

What OS platform?

Specifically, what internal specs; how much RAM, what CPU, how much storage capacity, a HDD or SSD.

Any other features you might look for such as screen size, graphics card, etc.?

In this post, you must specify exactly what internal specs you would purchase and why. Then, go out and find out approximately the cost, where you found it, and if that price point fits into what you thought you wanted to spend. 

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