Composite steel | Engineering homework help


Research Project: Steel Structures 

In a group, write an essay on the 2 steel structures (composite or fully steel) of your interests (You must inform Professor and get consent for them). Each structure must be of maximum 1250 words. Substantial deviation from the length will hamper the marking. 

There must be introduction, rationale of the choice of structure and overall conclusion of the project. For each structure provide the details of construction in reference to the steel. Hand sketching or photos are preferred to increase the readability of paper. The report needs to be single document and reflects the group work. 

a. Provide a cover page with College name, Professor’s Name, your name, student number, name of the course and the date of submission. Name of group members should be in the footer and Page number should be numbered on top right corner. 

b. Use font 11, Times New Roman and 1.5 spacing. 

c. There must be contribution paper from the members showing the group work (who did what?). It must be signed digitally. 

d. Submission will be in digital format (in word). Pdf is not accepted. 

e. Please make sure that you are aware of the plagiarism (that can bring mark zero) while writing the paper. APA citation will be followed. 

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