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   I am currently treating a child that is immobile.  I provide care to her in multiple ways, but one specific way is ulcer prevention.  When I first started treating her, she had a stage 1 ulcer.  Treatment included wound care with antiseptics.  When I treated her, I was given a prescription and I investigated what the benefits of this ointment was on ulcers. I always like to inform myself and make sure the doctor has prescribed what is best and most effective for my patients.  An example of implementing EBD and its effects on ulcers, would be the article Antibiotics and antiseptics for pressure ulcers by Christie, Dumville, Goto, Tanner, Moore, and Norman. When applying EBP practice, I can consider whether to use antiseptics and/or antimicrobial treatment. In doing so, I research the effects and outcome on both types of treatments.  Per Christie, Dumville, Goto, Tanner, Moore, and Norman (2016) when comparing both of ointments on ulcers, “There was no consistent evidence of a benefit to using any particular antimicrobial treatment for pressure ulcers. However, there was some limited evidence that more ulcers healed when treated with some types of alternative dressings without antimicrobial properties than when treated with povidone iodine”. This research can be used by myself and nurses to treat ulcers, avoid unnecessary procedures, be a voice to our patients and physicians, and explore other possibilities of treatments of ulcers.

     According to Youngblut and Brooten (2001) “Evidence-based practice (EBD) provides opportunities for nursing care to be more individualized, more effective, streamlined, and dynamic, and to maximize effects of clinical judgment.” Evidence based practices are the latest advances and knowledge developments, not supporting existing practices. In addition, it includes nurses being active and taking part in the clinical data and application of evidence.  In my opinion, applying EBD in practice will increase the value and reputation of nurses.  One way nurses can promote evidence based research is to be an “opinion leader” (Flodgren , Parmelli , Doumit , Gattellari , O’Brien , Grimshaw , Eccles 2011).

Flodgren, G., Parmelli, E., Doumit, G., Gattellari, M., O’Brien, M., Grimshaw, J., & Eccles, M. (2011). Effectiveness of the use of local opinion leaders to promote evidence-based practice and improving patient outcomes. Cochrane. Retrieved from

Norman, G., Dumville, J. C., Moore, Z. E., Tanner, J., & Christie, J. (2015). Antibiotics and antiseptics for pressure ulcers. Protocols, 12(4), 468-76. doi:10.1002/14651858.cd011586





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