Comm 102 media & society

This assignment, unless otherwise arranged, is a 

topical paper on some aspect of mass communication in society. This could include an extended analysis of some 

topic touched on in the course textbook. The essay must be at least 750 words in length and be based upon at 

least two peer reviewed articles or six or more substantive, high-quality journalistic articles in addition to any 

assigned course materials or readings used (typical web content, encyclopedias, and other such materials are not 


Ensure you develop a perspective or theme, ideally including a thesis statement, from which you write your essay. 

Support your perspective, theme, or thesis with good evidence drawn from your readings. Organize your material 

in a logical manner. 

The essay must be in APA style and include a cover sheet. 


The essay will be marked with the following mark breakdown: 

• On-time, complies with guidelines, appropriate length, etc. 10% 

• Substantive position with a good use of evidence 35% 

• Good thinking, integration, critique or analysis 20% 

• Well organized, logical essay structure, with good planning and design 10% 

• Appropriate use of APA 5% 

• Well written, good sentence structure & grammar, good academic style 20% 


The instructor reserves the right to modify marks based on actual student performance and neg

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