Christianity, communication and connections. | English homework help

summarize in at least 8-10 pages the history and present state. As you present your findings, be sure to define the terms you introduce in your paper including your personal definition of “communication.’ Your paper should offer an analysis of how this area of interest has changed over the years and the implications it has had on society.


Next, your paper should reflect IN 2-3 pages on the connection your area of interest has with biblical principles. This is more than applying a Bible verse to the end of your paper. I will be looking for your ability to tie together the roots of your area of interest with biblical principles. For example, explaining how interpersonal communication is not a new sub-field in communication as it has been around since the Garden of Eden. You could then describe and detail events in Genesis that support the use of interpersonal communication. Be sure to build credibility for your paper by including at least 10 academic references (which may include your two textbooks, but the Bible, and Bible commentaries should be counted as additional resources to your 10).


Finally, offer a 2-3 page conclusion to the capstone paper that offers practical ways that you plan on using your communication skills within your area of interest to influence and lead others based on what you have learned during your program at Regent.

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