Case paper 21.5 legal aspects of human resources management

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you should write a 10-12 page paper from  The case study must identify a legal issue from a human resource management perspective.  You should define the problem you are writing about, describe its history, and propose an appropriate solution.  Your paper should include the following elements:


1.Introduction and Case Information


a.The year the case was tried

b.What court decided the case (i.e., Superior, Appellate, Supreme/State or Federal)

c.Who the plaintiff(s) was/were

d.The complaint(s) of the plaintiff(s)

e.Who the defendant(s) was/were

f.The argument(s) of the defendant(s)


2.The Law(s) Involved

a.Name the law(s) or regulation(s) involved

b.Describe the law(s) or regulations(s).  Provide any history, if appropriate

c.Jurisdiction of the law(s) or regulation(s) – state or federal


3.Definition of Terms (if applicable)

a.Legal terms

b.Procedural terms


4.The Specifics of the Case

a.Describe what happened that led to the litigation


5.The Decision

a.Describe the court’s decision

b.Explain the court’s reason for the decision


6.Conclusions & Recommendations

a.Your own opinion of the case

b.Whether or not you agree with the court’s decision – explain

c.Recommendations to employers


7.Use correct APA format, in-text citations, and reference page listing.  The paper demonstrates professional presentation in spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, word usage, and sentence structure.


8.A minimum of three (3) references must be used in writing the paper.


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