Case 1 | Civil homework help

Please read the cases thoroughly and provide an analysis of the legal and ethical issues presented in the case.   Your analysis should address these essential items and questions:

1. Explain the issue or dilemma using information from the readings in the book and other sources (e.g., websites, articles, etc). Cite your sources using APA.

2. What are the ethical theories most appropriate to apply this case and why?

3. What are the ethical or moral issues at stake in this case?

4. Who are the stakeholders?

5. What are the morally relevant facts?

6. What possible courses of action are available?

7. What are the predictable effects of each action?

8. Which set of possible outcomes is relatively better?

9. Other formal questions included with the cases, such as your final decision. Your decision will not be evaluated as “right or wrong.” It must be supported though, by answering the questions above.

10. Include your own thoughts/opinions as well as materials to support these.

Note: The commentaries should try to take into account ALL sides to the issue. A paper that discusses only one course of action or one effect or outcome will result in a low grade.

-You should provide more than 1 page per case to thoroughly address the questions/issues. Be sure to include the questions presented with the case.

-All references consulted (including the text) should be referenced appropriately within your response—APA style—and a list of references should be supplied at the end of your document.

Must haves:

Microsoft Word document with 1” margins all around, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and double-spaced work.  Failure to follow assignment protocols will result in a 10% loss in possible points.  Additionally, cases should be free from grammatical errors.


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