Card research | English homework help


The cards may be submitted as .jpg or .pdf files. Samples of  student primary and secondary source note cards and bibliography cards are provided. Follow the directions on the assignment–these samples may not be perfect, but they give you an example of each type of card. You will send images of all 28 or more of your cards including 10 or more primary source note cards from your short story, 15 or more secondary source note cards from four or more secondary sources in Module Four Readings and Resources, and 4 or more bibliography cards for each of the journal articles that you are reading and taking notes from. Be sure to include the required sources for your short story: Davison and Suess for “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Claborn and Sherard for “Sonny’s Blues.” You may also include additional notes from the websites in Module Two, but these sources will not count toward the four required secondary sources for your research paper.

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