Book project for family and consumers science class fcs494

I need to create a book with the following information provided. Book will be for children in elementary based on the information below. Please let me know if this is clear.   1. What is the title of your project? Understanding Children’s Silence Voice 2. Will you be doing this on your own or with a peer or supervisor? I will be doing this project on my own. I will create a book with about 8-10 pages 3. Who is the project’s target audience/population? Non verbal children in Elementary levels 4. What is the main goal of the project? The main goal for my project is to help non verbal children understand life circumstances like the world we are living now. 5. What are the specific tasks you will need to accomplish? Be specific. E.g. research on children’s literature that are popular, etc. I will be taking pictures of the current life situation that we are living now. I will start by comparing the different circumstances of my own children 13 and 6 years old and my 9 and 10 year old non verbal Autistic clients. 6. What are you hoping to learn from this project? I am hoping to help children with special needs understand with visual, pictures, drawings and small social stories about the current life situation that we are living now. My book will demonstrate in visual learning how important it is to keep clean hands, the importance in wearing a mask, keeping distance from others. Avoid people who are sick or have been around others who have been sick or exposed. 7. How many hours per week are you planning to work on this project? I am planning to work on this project and take notes, pictures, drawings, etc during my in home session. While I work with my clients and families. As well as my home personal experience with my daughters in how they struggle with Distance learning 8. What has been your experience so far? My experience has been challenging. Having to live and experience with my own children that are high functioning and typical compared to the way I need to help my clients that are low functioning non verbal, and don’t understand the current situation that we are living now. 9. How does this project relate to courses you have taken? This project relates to most of the courses I’ve taken in child development. They relate with this project since I have learned about child development and child development within children with special needs. I will be able to have to different perspectives in development from typical children development and non typical children. 10. What are your future professional goals? Future professional goals for myself would be to establish a career in the Social Worker field

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