Blyying #2 | Human Resource Management homework help


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Purpose & Thesis

This presentation’s purpose is to advocate for children with disabilities within the school system. The presentation will display our teams’ connected values to the issue, how this impacts children with disabilities, our advocacy plan, and our conclusion. 

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We have chosen bullying prevention for children with disabilities within the school system.

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Connected to Teams Values

This is connected to our teams’ values because, 


Desire to make a difference and a better place 

Be a reference source – be able to refer people to get the help 

Networking services – building community partnerships

Collaborating with other colleagues that have the same values/ goals

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Impact on Populations

Discuss, in detail, the impact this issue has on the affected population(s) (e.g., economically, socially, educationally, or medically). (6 slides)

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Economic Impact

Slide #6

Social Impact

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Educational Impact

Slide #8

Medical Impact 

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Advocacy Plan

Create a plan to advocate for improvement in, or the elimination of, this issue. Be specific with the action items in your plan. You should have three to five action items. (2 slides)

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Conclude by reviewing the main points and summarizing the presentation. (1 slide)

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