Ba 181 dq | Marketing homework help

1.     Visit What research can this company offer about the size and growth of the teen market, buying power of teenagers, and their buying habits? Why might these statistics be important to a company targeting teenagers in terms of marketing communications and promotion strategy?

1.     The U.S. Postal Service regularly raises the price of a first-class stamp but continues to operate in the red year after year. Is uniform delivered pricing the best choice for first-class mail? Explain your reasoning.



1.     Explain the concept of data mining. Providing five examples of companies that are currently using data mining, and explain why each is using it.

1.     When it would be most advantageous for large companies like Procter & Gamble, IBM, and/or Ford Motor Company to develop integrated relationships with smaller suppliers. Would the same rules for integrated relationship development also apply to customers? Why or why not?

1.     List the countries to which Levi Strauss & Co. markets through the Web site How do the product offerings differ between the United States and European selections? Why do you think they differ?

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