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4/4 Journal Entry: Safety Issues

Forensic psychology professionals often work in high-risk settings, such as correctional facilities, police departments, various law enforcement agencies, and courtrooms. Employees in these types of settings typically receive additional compensation, such as higher salaries and/or lower age requirements for retirement, due to the risk involved. In many cases, trainings, policies, and procedures are in place to minimize risk and protect employees. It is important to examine any potential safety risks present within your field experience setting and be aware of trainings, policies, and procedures in place to protect yourself.

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The assignment (300–600 words):
Write a journal entry that includes the following:

 A brief description of the forensic psychology setting in which your field experience is taking place (i.e. prison, lawyer’s office, police station, etc).

A description of any potential safety issues that may occur in that setting.

An explanation of trainings, policies, and procedures your field experience setting has in place to address the safety issues described. Include any additional safety measure you might take to protect yourself the potential safety issues you identified.

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