Anthropology homework | English homework help

Group 17:

1.)  In chapter four, the book states that in the Judeo-Christian faith, there is a flaw. It says that since evil, suffering, and injustice exists in the world, then God allows it to exist. It says that because God allows it to exist, he is by nature not purely good as the Christian and Jewish faiths would state. What are your feelings of this? Do you feel the book is being biased towards a particular belief or even the beliefs of the authors? Or do you feel that the book is posing a legitimate question? Explain.

2.)  Anthropologists Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf suggest vocabulary reflects a person’s social and physical environment.  What role has this played in the differences between British English and its offshoots?  Why is that Americans and Australians have different forms of English if we both came from the same culture?  Would this theory be able to explain how southerners have different accents than people in New York and California?

3.)  What characteristics are universally used to differentiate and group people? What are some characteristics that are used in some societies and not others?  And why do you think some societies use different characteristics to differentiate and group people?

Group 18:

1.)  What is the difference between family of orientation and family of procreation?

2.)  How does the view of families differ between those of the traditional American family and those of the Chinese? How does this difference between family types affect the maintenance of their society and continuation of lineage? How does the stress on a certain parental body affect how a society is organized and why is it relevant that these lines (patrilineal or matrilineal) are chosen?

3.)  How do American families differ from other societies regarding kinship? Do you think it is more important to have a nuclear family construct composed of bilateral kinships than a matrilineal or patrilineal kinship? What might the benefits be of each?

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