5 | English homework help

The quesion is: 

Define and discuss two of the following – News Agenda, agenda setting, gate keeping and news values.


This is in relation to this reading 

Watson, J. (1998) Media Communication: An introduction to theory and Process, London: Macmillan Press, pp. 105-129. 

This assesses your understanding of unit readings and lectures up to Week 4. Choose one question from each week’s tutorial activities in Weeks 2, 3 & 4 and write short answers to these questions (150-200 words each). 

The question above is only in relation to week 3 reading. 


I have already done all the reasearch, which i will send you, my main problem is needing to cut it down to 150-200 words and to RE-WORD it so it isnt plagarised!!! 


I would like someone who has experience with International Communictions and this topic, so if needed they can put their own spin and add any info I may have missed. 



I am looking for someone whom I can start using on a regular basis, and I trust.

If you do well there will be more work to help me with!! 

please do asap!

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